Why Choose Wood Flooring with ProTech?

Protech can guarantee top quality work and an affordable price. For those who are able to invest in the best, we would recommend hardwood or engineered wood flooring.

Wood floors are an investment for the life of your home. With simple and inexpensive maintenance, they had value, warmth and beauty forever.

Wood floors allow your inner decorator to shine. From inexpensive area rugs to intricate Persian carpets -- only wood provides a warm natural pallet that can easily be changed as and when you need for the price you choose.

Our wood floors are cleaner and safer for the health of you and your family. We highly recommend products (glues and finishes) with minimal off-gassing. We use only the safest and most effective dust-containment system: Bona Atomic Dust Containment Systems.

Wood floors are a top choice to preserve and protect our natural environment. Sustainable logging practices ensure that land remains forested for the health and beauty of all living creatures. ProTech is proud of the progress made in Washington State to institutionalize sustainable logging practices, and we encourage our customers to purchase local products where practical. For more details click here: http://www.wfpa.org/pages/regulatoryenvironment.html